A day in the Italian life would not be complete without coffee

The saying goes that there are three things that make the perfect caffe espresso: the coffee grind, the hand that makes it and the machine itself. Come in and try our great espresso roast coffee made exclusively for our markets by Fontana Roasters and don't forget to take a look at our wonderful espresso machines while our baristas make you that perfect cup of coffee!

Traditional Italian Drinks

  • Espresso // 2oz // 2.25
  • Caffé Macchiato // 2oz // 2.75
  • Cappuccino // 8oz // 3.25
  • Caffé Americano // 12oz // 2.75

American Espresso Drinks

  • Caffé Latte // 12oz // 4.00
  • Caffé Mocha // 12oz // 4.50


  • Add Flavor // .50
  • Extra Espresso // .75

Filter Coffee

  • Brewed Caffé // 8oz // 2.25
  • Caffé au Lait // 12oz // 2.75
  • Cold Brewed Caffé // 12oz // 3.00
  • (Regular or Decaf )

Here at Mandola's Italian we have two different espresso machines. At our Triangle and Arbor Trails stores we have a Faema Stylema and at Bee Cave a La Marzocco.

Faema has been producing espresso machines since the 1940s and revolutionized the espresso business in the 1960s by introducing a pump that produces 9 bars of pressure to extract the coffee and replacing the piston-lever designs previously used.

La Marzocco was founded in 1927 by the Bambi brothers in Florence. The company name comes from one of the symbols of Florence, a lion holding a shield with Florentine lily displayed on it and signifies victory.