Sick of Your Sad Desk Lunch? 3 Reasons to Visit Mandola's for Your Lunch Break!

Even though lunch breaks are scheduled into many workers' daily routines, the truth is that even when breaks are factored into the work schedule, many workers use the time to do more work, scarfing down their brown bag lunches right at their desks. While the dedication is commendable, not taking an actual break that involves a short walk, fresh air, and food may not be the best strategy for maintaining your productivity and personal health at work.

Put down your tubberware and ditch the desk lunch to head to Mandola's for a delicious Italian meal for your midday break. Need more convincing? See these three reasons to take a true lunch break.

1. It gives you a chance to recharge

Taking a lunch break isn't just about satisfying midday hunger pangs - it's also about giving your entire system a necessary break. Muscles need to be stretched, eyes need to be rested, and the brain needs to take a step back from work to clear the haze. Getting away from your desk can help sustain your energy levels and enhance concentration by giving your brain a chance to recover from analyzing text and numbers, reading technical papers and making important decisions.

2. It can prevent burnout

If you want peak performance from your body and mind, it's important to follow a sensible diet and eat the right amount of the right food at regular intervals. Skipping lunch so that you can get more work done may lead to stress, dissatisfaction with your job and burnout. Not only this, but you’ll be ravenous by the time you’re home, leading to unhealthy dinner decisions. By taking to time to go to lunch, you'll be feeding both your body and mind for a productive and creative second half of the workday.

3. Has anyone mentioned spaghetti Ortolano yet?

If you need even more convincing to ditch your desk meal and head to Mandola's just look at our menu! We’ve built our reputation as the best Italian lunch restaurant in Austin by offering a variety of Italian classics for affordable prices. From delicious dishes such as the spaghetti Ortolano, to our soup and salad options, you're sure to find something you'll enjoy!

Visit Mandola's Today!

From lunch to dinner, we’re committed to serving Austin delicious, authentic Italian cuisine in a friendly atmosphere. Stop by for your lunch break today, and see how it can make your work day better than ever before!