Pizza catering for your next Austin event

Everybody likes a backyard barbecue, but it's not a catering option that will necessarily make your event stand out. You might want something with a little more elegance than having a stack of cardboard pizza boxes delivered. That's where mobile pizza oven catering comes in.

A Mobile Pizza Oven

A wood-fired mobile pizza oven at your next event strikes the perfect note that gives your guests something to remember while remaining casual, accessible and crowd-pleasing. If you're a pizza aficionado, you've probably had pizzas cooked in a traditional Italian-style wood-fired oven and know how special they are. The great news is that you don't have to have a brick pizza oven built in your backyard or on site for your event to share this amazing Italian technique for making pizza.

How it Works

When you order pizza catering for your event, we come to you and cook your guests' pizzas at the event. When ordering which pizzas you would like prepared at your event, you can specify up to four toppings - or, choose from some of our specialty options.

A wood-fired pizza is generally considered the best type of pizza, and it's not just because that's how they do it in Italy. If you've ever had a heavy pizza with soggy dough, you know how disappointing that can be.

With a brick pizza oven, the intensity of the heat cooks the dough quickly so it becomes crispy. That heat also means the pizzas themselves cook fast, so your guests only have to wait a few minutes for their order.

Fast and Fun

In addition to the great food, guests have the opportunity to watch the pizzas being made. This can be a fun attraction at any event.

One of the big challenges in feeding a lot of people is how to preserve the quality of the food. Too often, a large quantity of food must be prepared earlier in the day and sits too long over steam tables, and even the best dishes suffer from the delay in serving. Individuals are often limited to just choosing among just two or three items. With a catered wood-fired pizza oven, you can avoid delays, as the freshly cooked food goes straight to your guests.

Contact Us

Our mobile wood-fired pizza oven will delight your guests and provide them with something different and memorable. If you are interested in pizza catering in Austin, give us a call at Mandola's to talk about what we can do to make your event a great one.