Wine Bottles To Go

Looking to Have a Wine Night Close to Home? Don't Forget Mandola's

One of the keys to having a successful wine night in Austin is locking down a great venue. A local Italian restaurant is often the perfect place to meet with friends and family for a few hours to enjoy the latest vintages. Mandola's produces some of the finest Italian food Austin has to offer and has locations throughout the city. Here are a few reasons to have a drink with dinner at Mandola's.

A Topnotch Wine List

As you might expect, Mandola's features a bevy of Italian and French wines that can perfectly complement any item on our menu. Whether you're partial to a robust Chianti or a seductive Syrah, Mandola's wine list has the perfect tipple for your palate. Our knowledgeable and patient staff is always waiting in the wings to help you find wines that will complement our delicious food menu.

Warm, Delicious Bread

Nothing beats freshly baked bread dipped in extra virgin olive oil after a satisfying wine tasting. Mandola's serves some of the finest bread you'll find anywhere in Austin. Our mainstay rustic bread options include our freshly-made focaccia or toasted bruschetta, perfect for pairing with wine. Our bread is made from the best ingredients available and served with perfection.

Gourmet Pizza

It's impossible to deny that mind-blowing Italian wine and artisanal pizza go together like a horse and carriage. Mandola's produces a variety of excellent specialty pizzas like the Margherita, the Carnivore, the Fiorentina, the Pugliese and the Parma that always hit the spot. Alternatively, guests can craft their own superior pie using our diverse menu of toppings like artichokes, fresh basil, Fontina cheese, pancetta, Sicilian fennel sausage, and zucchini.

Mouthwatering Appetizers

Like any neighborhood Italian establishment, Mandola's prides itself on serving up the tastiest starters you can find. Our authentic Italian appetizers are the perfect way to soak up wine after an extended taste test. What's more, our antipasto plates feature the best salumi and formaggi in central Texas.

Homemade Desserts

The best way to cap off an evening of fine wine is with a few exquisite Italian desserts and specialties. Our in-house gelato and sorbetto are the stuff of legend among Austin locals that know their desserts. We also have a variety of pastry-based confections like cannoli, pignoli, and canella for your enjoyment. We also offer a variety of cakes and other Italian dessert treats.

Fine Wine is Best Enjoyed Along With Italian Food

At Mandola's, we go above and beyond to ensure that our guests get the full Italian experience when they visit. If you are looking to enjoy a good glass of wine along with dinner, we can provide all the little extra touches that set a good gathering apart from the rest. Come relax and enjoy one of our Austin locations.