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Speciality Cakes

We will work with you to ensure you have the perfect cake for your birthday, wedding, or just about any type of event. *Selections vary by location


  • LEMON CAKE *Texas Only
  • layers of moist white cake filled with fresh lemon curd, iced with vanilla buttercream
  • AVA CAKE *Texas Only
  • Four layers of moist white cake spread with imported seed- less raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream, and iced with vanilla butter cream.
  • rich, moist double layer cake, made with buttermilk, coconut and walnuts, filled and iced with cream cheese icing and finished with toasted coconut.
  • an old fashioned rich chocolate double layer cake filled and iced in fudgy chocolate ganache.
  • Moist white cake layered with coconut pastry cream, covered in meringue icing & toasted coconut
  • ZUCCOTTO *Texas Only
  • A traditional Tuscan dessert made into a domed shape filled with a pistachio & candied orange peel-studded ricotta cream as well as a chocolate mousse. Flavored with hazelnut syrup & covered in whipped cream.

  • Sicilian sea salted caramel between layers of decadent chocolate cake
  • 9” serves 12-15 $45 *Coconut Cake $40 *Sea Salt Caramel & Zuccotto $50
  • 1/4 sheet serves 20-25 $65
  • 1/2 sheet serves 40-50 $110
  • Full sheet serves 90-100 $250


  • A Mandola’s specialty! Creamy sweetened mascarpone cheese whipped with heavy cream and laced with dark rum, layered with espresso dipped lady fingers, topped with cocoa and chocolate shavings, surrounded by lady fingers and tied with a red ribbon. As beautiful as it is delicious!
  • 1/4 sheet serves 20-25 $60
  • 1/2 sheet serves 40-50 $120
  • CHEESECAKE *Texas Only
  • Mascarpone & cream cheese cheesecake with a hint of lemon in a graham cracker & almond crust.
  • Serves 12 $40
  • *Complimentary writing is offered on all cakes.
  • *An additional charge will be added for artwork.
  • *All layer cakes should be served at room temperature
  • *Cakes are subject to availability. Please call or check stores for availability
  • *48 hour notice required for large cake orders

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